Paralympics 2012 – Opening Ceremony


The Real Olympics 2012

Taking the Short View

And so for 11 more days the flame burns brightly in the east, with the London Paralympics 2012 open for business after a lengthy opening ceremony so packed with high-brow science and arts that it made Danny Boyle’s Olympics shindig a month ago look a bit common.

Boyle had clearly got all the money and there was a definite sense that this show was made on a fraction of that budget, but in some ways not only was that not a problem, it was an advantage: this ceremony was consequently more human and more intimate, more about individuals and their hopes and dreams than it was about impressive spectacle.

I’ll be honest, until the last couple of weeks I had no idea that the concept of the Paralympics had been seeded in a British forerunner, the 1948 International Wheelchair Games at Stoke Mandeville for WW2 veterans with spinal cord injuries…

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