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The Battle for Robot Puke


QR Codes, SEO, & Marketing Reactions:

Making Hay

When QR codes are, except in jest, referenced in the future at an event I’m attending, I will in future calmly put my worldly goods into my bag, get my coat and make silently, but with haste for the nearest exit. It will, naturally, be a marketing event so perhaps I should be more wary of the content of said events before I join.

These charming little examples of what poor sick robots vomit prompt polarised reactions among those who encounter them. There’s those like me who consider them great for their intended purpose in the factory. There’s 99.9% of the population who have either never used one or simply “use” them in order to get a tumblr. And then there’s marketers (and real estate agents, but they’re a subset).

Australian News Media Publisher, Fairfax, has developed an alternative called, oddly enough, Airlink. It’s got a nice logo and…

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