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The end of brand exceptionalism?


A smiley face & more branding happiness:


Mt. Kalatungan Climb – Day 2


Bamboo Campsites, Beak Weather, & The Lost Sunrise all contribute to this adventure…!

Misadventures of Tintin

First part: Mt. Kalatungan Climb – Day 1

It was a cold, gusty morning on the summit of Mt. Kalatungan and our tent was still miraculously upright. Raging winds gave it a serious beating the previous night. There was a puddle of water inside and our sleeping bags were wet, which explained why our asses were freezing the whole time.

Ben was outside getting busy with breakfast while Tupe and I stayed in the tent, complaining about the weather and sound-tripping to mournful songs of Joey Ayala and Gary Granada. It turns out we had similar tastes in music and the propensity to get terminally depressed during stormy climbs. In our defense, it’s well-documented that horrible weather makes people sad and droopy (and probably whiny as well) so cut us some slack.

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Crocheting to Change the Planet


Hooking to save the planet!!!

Pickled Hedgehog Dilemma

Yes, crocheting really is that important. In case you don’t quite understand why, I’ll start at the beginning.

Two women in LA, Margaret Wertheim and her twin sister, were concerned about climate change. If left to continue along its current trajectory, the world’s climate will heat up (even more than it has for the past decades). This climate change promises to bring a  number of disasters upon the human race and our planet.  One of the potential disasters that climate change could cause is the loss of many of the world’s coral reefs.

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Will audiences show up for ‘Rock of Ages’? – CNN.com


Ages of Rock?

Nader Nazemi

Will audiences show up for ‘Rock of Ages’? – CNN.com.

Movie Musicals; Hit or Miss ? What does Tom Cruise have to say about Rock of Ages ?

(CNN) — You’re on a bus to Los Angeles and the cute blond girl in the third row breaks out into a rendition of “Sister Christian.” You have two options: You can stare at her awkwardly or pretend you’re Kelly Keagy and lend your vocals to the chorus.

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