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Heads UP! Welcome Meteor/Asteroid and Party Crashers


Meteors & Comets?

Susie Lindau's Wild Ride

meteor 1

The Ultimate Wild Ride!

There is a 150 foot meteor/asteroid racing towards us at alarming speed, no lie, and it is supposed to come within 17,200 miles of Earth on February 15!

What is alarming about this event is not that it could easily knock out satellites nor that it will be a lot closer to us than the moon nor that it could wreak all kinds of havoc with our electronics nor that it could actually smack our planet. No. What is really alarming, is how our experts can’t decide whether to call it a meteoror an asteroid!

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Paralympics 2012 – Opening Ceremony


The Real Olympics 2012

Taking the Short View

And so for 11 more days the flame burns brightly in the east, with the London Paralympics 2012 open for business after a lengthy opening ceremony so packed with high-brow science and arts that it made Danny Boyle’s Olympics shindig a month ago look a bit common.

Boyle had clearly got all the money and there was a definite sense that this show was made on a fraction of that budget, but in some ways not only was that not a problem, it was an advantage: this ceremony was consequently more human and more intimate, more about individuals and their hopes and dreams than it was about impressive spectacle.

I’ll be honest, until the last couple of weeks I had no idea that the concept of the Paralympics had been seeded in a British forerunner, the 1948 International Wheelchair Games at Stoke Mandeville for WW2 veterans with spinal cord injuries…

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Hiking to the clouds, Longji


A beautiful place to see:

Plus Ultra

Hair wrapped artfullyin a turban of black cloth, her tough frame is softened by a lilac top and short frilly skirt. As she saunters in and out of the room, I watch the light momentarily catch on her earrings – they are two silver crescents, raw and slightly tarnished, sweeping around a hollow in the shape of the full moon.

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The Battle for Robot Puke


QR Codes, SEO, & Marketing Reactions:

Making Hay

When QR codes are, except in jest, referenced in the future at an event I’m attending, I will in future calmly put my worldly goods into my bag, get my coat and make silently, but with haste for the nearest exit. It will, naturally, be a marketing event so perhaps I should be more wary of the content of said events before I join.

These charming little examples of what poor sick robots vomit prompt polarised reactions among those who encounter them. There’s those like me who consider them great for their intended purpose in the factory. There’s 99.9% of the population who have either never used one or simply “use” them in order to get a tumblr. And then there’s marketers (and real estate agents, but they’re a subset).

Australian News Media Publisher, Fairfax, has developed an alternative called, oddly enough, Airlink. It’s got a nice logo and…

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Canada’s “Dirty Oil” Exports to US to Triple (TRP, KMI, ENB)


Who Pays for Dirty Oils? One Guess!

24/7 Wall St.

The development of the Canadian oil sands is expected to increase the amount of crude oil produced at the Alberta oil sands from its current level of about 1.6 million barrels/day to as high as 8 million barrels/day by 2020. Current exports to the US amount to about 500,000 barrels a day, and are expected to exceed 1.5 million barrels/day by 2020. A group of environmental groups recently published a report on oil sands development called “Dirty Oil Diplomacy,” taking to task the Canadian government and the oil companies that are developing the Alberta oil sands.

In addition to blasting the current development plans, the report also attacks plans to export the oil by pipeline either to the West Coast, the US Gulf Coast, or the East Coast. In the US, the most well-known of the proposed pipelines is the Keystone XL being proposed by TransCanada Corp. (NYSE: TRP

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