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July 4th, NYC Style


“Hot Time In The City” HAPPY JULY 4TH 2012!!!

A Touch of Yellow in NYC

Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays.  “Summer in the city…”

It is also the day that I kick back and see the world in a different way.  It’s a day I seriously “people watch” as you will find many wonderful things going on all around you.

Children acting without a care in the world-just relishing the  joy of being a child.  Families laughing, playing games, having picnics together.

It is also a day for hot dog lovers.  Enter Nathan’s International Hot Dog Eating Contest on Coney Island.

Last 4th of July, I braved the beaches and crowds of Coney Island.  Little did I know what lie ahead.  I parked myself on a bench and watched through my camera lens.  Fascinating. But then again, people watching always is….

I then ventured down to the waters edge.  And walked toward the main beach.  As I got closer and…

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The Process: Plant to Coffee


Process of handpicking

depulping & washing

fermenting & drying

Coffee picker on Salvadoran cooperative Ciudad...

Coffee picker on Salvadoran cooperative Ciudad Barrios, certified by the Rainforest Alliance. Credit: Robert Goodier (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

collection at local cooperative

transport to regional cooperative

receiving & inspection

patio drying

Sorting and pulping coffee beans at a fair tra...

Sorting and pulping coffee beans at a fair trade cooperative in Guatemala (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

de-husking & screening

quality controls

tasting, testing prior to export


Fair Trade USA logo

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Portrait of Anais Nin taken in NYC in 70s by E...

Anais Nin, NYC 1970s

“A leaf fluttered in through the window this morning, as if supported by the rays of the sun, a bird settled on the fire escape, joy in the task of coffee, joy accompanied me as I walked.”

Anais Nin

Photograph: Anais Nin via Wikipedia.org

KafeMandela Quotes

Cup of Joe


The Kafe


English: A photo of a cup of coffee. Esperanto...

The freshly brewed coffee was poured into the cup.
A daily ritual’s aroma was mingled with freshly baked bread, dipped into the black sea of sweetened coffee. Bread drenched with this morning’s goodness, made its way to the anticipating lips. A scene that played out every day, of every year.

Coffee beans hand picked, roasted then roughly ground, held its own uniqueness. The beans were sticky with an almost burnt aroma, their darkness always produced the same flavors.

The coolness of the day gave way to the sun’s warmth. In this land, regions were shaped by the weather, to include its landscape as part of the temperate zones. These regions decided, as a natural selection process, what areas were best for growing which crops; as nature so often does.

World map with temperate zones highlighted in red

The richest harvest was best suited for those regions where rain settled on the coffee plant’s leaves, on a timely basis, and a timely measure. The plants laden with white flowers, gave images of night blooming jasmine, and orange blossom; but lacking the fragrance of each.

English: A close-up shot of cestrum nocturnum.

Thoughts of how the crop would do lay peacefully on his mind, and words trickled to his lips, as the coffee made it’s way to a comforting spot in his stomach.  If he was worried, he never showed it, and never said it; his words only gave a clue to the work that lay ahead, as he asked about his eldest son.

My Dad, the coffee guy

None of his sons had stayed to work the farm, but he was happy they made their own way  to find their dreams; because the land would be theirs anyway, as with his other children.He had learned to be content with what life brought him, and actually they had done very well, his wife and he. But just for now, he thought of his eldest son, so far away, and chasing a dream that would come to him anyway, just like the land!

The fedora, which normally hid his billowy cotton hair, spoke of a gentleman; the kind that removed his hat when entering a room, or in the presence of ladies.

English: a fedora hat

Some things never change, like coffee in the mornings brought to him by his wife of so many years.  Day after day it was expected, that the coffee would be good, just like life.

Picture courtesy of Wikipedia, “My Dad, the coffee guy” (Photo credit: Erin Nealey)