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Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone




Is Your Relationship Being Run by A 5 Year Old?


Valentines Day?

My Rivendell

Relationships…we live in them, from them and for them.  We fight for them, we hurt because of them and we hardly ever look any closer than that.

Whoa…I just slipped that in there didn’t I?

I know this Valentine’s Day many people will be celebrating with their partner the love they have cultivated with one another.  Others will be lamenting over lost loves, bad relationshipsbroken and the lack of any ‘good’ people left.  They might even beat themselves up and figure there is something ‘wrong’ with them (there ISN”T). 

Listen, you have to know that when you are younger your relationship expectations were learned.  The problem of course is our experiences were rather limited. 

Imagine if the first person you ever crushed on was the one that you ended up basing all future expectations of what a relationship was like on.  Ohh…right…you kind of do.

Wait..it gets better.  It actually goes much MUCH further back.  (How

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