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The Art of the Impulse Purchase


Someone’s Treasure Trove!

Never Done It That Way Before

Drinken van kokosmelk / Drinking coconut milk

A friend of mine is offering eleven drink boxes of coconut water to anyone who might like them.  (If you live in the Kansas City area, look her up.)  “Most ridiculous impulse buy I’ve made to date,” she proclaims.

It’s a pretty great one, I think.  Just say the words coconut water out loud (or imagine doing it, if you’re reading this on the bus or something).  It sounds luxurious, cool, relaxing, refreshing.  Lovely.

Unless you don’t like coconut.  Then it probably just sounds gross.

That’s the thing about impulse buys.  They can be wonderful, or . . . something you try to get rid of on the Internet.

J’s post got me thinking about my own impulse purchases and trying to decide: what is my most ridiculous impulse buy?

Katy's Hat Shop, Grainger Market

Sometimes, my impulse purchases are actually wholesome (you may remember my impulse Brussels sprouts a few months ago).

Sometimes, they involve in-store coupons…

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