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Heads UP! Welcome Meteor/Asteroid and Party Crashers


Meteors & Comets?

Susie Lindau's Wild Ride

meteor 1

The Ultimate Wild Ride!

There is a 150 foot meteor/asteroid racing towards us at alarming speed, no lie, and it is supposed to come within 17,200 miles of Earth on February 15!

What is alarming about this event is not that it could easily knock out satellites nor that it will be a lot closer to us than the moon nor that it could wreak all kinds of havoc with our electronics nor that it could actually smack our planet. No. What is really alarming, is how our experts can’t decide whether to call it a meteoror an asteroid!

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Is Your Relationship Being Run by A 5 Year Old?


Valentines Day?

My Rivendell

Relationships…we live in them, from them and for them.  We fight for them, we hurt because of them and we hardly ever look any closer than that.

Whoa…I just slipped that in there didn’t I?

I know this Valentine’s Day many people will be celebrating with their partner the love they have cultivated with one another.  Others will be lamenting over lost loves, bad relationshipsbroken and the lack of any ‘good’ people left.  They might even beat themselves up and figure there is something ‘wrong’ with them (there ISN”T). 

Listen, you have to know that when you are younger your relationship expectations were learned.  The problem of course is our experiences were rather limited. 

Imagine if the first person you ever crushed on was the one that you ended up basing all future expectations of what a relationship was like on.  Ohh…right…you kind of do.

Wait..it gets better.  It actually goes much MUCH further back.  (How

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Generation Y Redefines Success


Success! Like now:

Gen Y Girl

My senior year of high school, I had the genius idea of taking AP Physics, AP Calculus, and AP Statistics, all at the same time.

I pushed myself so hard that year all because I wanted to earn college credits and therefore graduate from college in less than four years.

I did that.

I started working a full-time job at the age of 19 and earned my bachelor’s degree in two and a half years.

I figured that if I got my degree early and had some experience under my belt, I’d be ahead of the game career-wise and would be taking steps towards my journey up the quote-on-quote career ladder. If I did this, I would be a few steps closer to becoming the VP of some great company where my work would consume all of my energy every day.

That’s what success looked like most of my life.

I was…

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The end of brand exceptionalism?


A smiley face & more branding happiness:

Mt. Kalatungan Climb – Day 2


Bamboo Campsites, Beak Weather, & The Lost Sunrise all contribute to this adventure…!

Paralympics 2012 – Opening Ceremony


The Real Olympics 2012

Taking the Short View

And so for 11 more days the flame burns brightly in the east, with the London Paralympics 2012 open for business after a lengthy opening ceremony so packed with high-brow science and arts that it made Danny Boyle’s Olympics shindig a month ago look a bit common.

Boyle had clearly got all the money and there was a definite sense that this show was made on a fraction of that budget, but in some ways not only was that not a problem, it was an advantage: this ceremony was consequently more human and more intimate, more about individuals and their hopes and dreams than it was about impressive spectacle.

I’ll be honest, until the last couple of weeks I had no idea that the concept of the Paralympics had been seeded in a British forerunner, the 1948 International Wheelchair Games at Stoke Mandeville for WW2 veterans with spinal cord injuries…

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A suicide journey ends in failure


from texas to San Diego:

Russel Ray Photos


Pictures copyright 2012 Russel Ray Photos

Several people have asked recently how I arrived in San Diego after being born and raised in Texas. It’s not a pleasant story but it does have a happy ending, and since I’ve published it before at other blogging sites, no reason why I should not share with my readership here at WordPress.


The Time Tunnel

On April 15, 1993, I was standing in line at the bank to transfer money from savings to checking so I could write the IRS a big check, probably more than Mitt Romney has ever paid [that’s an editorial comment for the political season].

Great Nation of TexasThe line was long, and I stood there thinking about the world that might exist outside the borders of the “Great Nation of Texas.”

Later that day, I disappeared. I had packed the 1989 Mustang GT with 100 CDs — Beatles, Who, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Led Zeppelin, Doobie Brothers, Bachman-Turner Overdrive, and other…

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Your Mission Should You Choose To Accept It ………


Get Well Smart & 99:

Crazy Train To Tinky Town

I have been tagged by the very lovely Jeri over at The Life and Times of JVS and the rules are:

At your perfect dinner party you can invite;
5 guests + yourself, relatives allowed but it’s more interesting if it’s a public figure.
Dead or Alive
Any language.
Fictional characters allowed!

Ideally my dinner party guests would include all of you and copious amounts of cocktails – what an evening that would be and you wouldn’t want to pay that bar bill either! However, as we are spread throughout the world I think it is highly unlikely, so here are my second choices:

Alan Carr – camp comedian who’s a little bit naughty with a wicked sense of humour, not unlike myself!

Adele – Not only does she write and sing kick-ass songs but she made a fortune out of the jerk that dumped her – think there may…

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Crocheting to Change the Planet


Hooking to save the planet!!!

Pickled Hedgehog Dilemma

Yes, crocheting really is that important. In case you don’t quite understand why, I’ll start at the beginning.

Two women in LA, Margaret Wertheim and her twin sister, were concerned about climate change. If left to continue along its current trajectory, the world’s climate will heat up (even more than it has for the past decades). This climate change promises to bring a  number of disasters upon the human race and our planet.  One of the potential disasters that climate change could cause is the loss of many of the world’s coral reefs.

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July 4th, NYC Style


“Hot Time In The City” HAPPY JULY 4TH 2012!!!

A Touch of Yellow in NYC

Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays.  “Summer in the city…”

It is also the day that I kick back and see the world in a different way.  It’s a day I seriously “people watch” as you will find many wonderful things going on all around you.

Children acting without a care in the world-just relishing the  joy of being a child.  Families laughing, playing games, having picnics together.

It is also a day for hot dog lovers.  Enter Nathan’s International Hot Dog Eating Contest on Coney Island.

Last 4th of July, I braved the beaches and crowds of Coney Island.  Little did I know what lie ahead.  I parked myself on a bench and watched through my camera lens.  Fascinating. But then again, people watching always is….

I then ventured down to the waters edge.  And walked toward the main beach.  As I got closer and…

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